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Life is real, life is earnest. Life is excitement and life is zest. You only pass through this life once, and don’t come back for an encore. So capture the quintessence of life and make it sublime. Make your choice and let the happiness stop eluding you.

Bathed in galore and regal, Hyde Parc is a VMRDA Approved Plots Layout magnificent dwelling place that exudes an exceptional lifestyle. It is aimed at bringing unending joy and a sense of fulfilment to you.


The astounding concept of Hyde Parc has been inspired by the original Hyde Park in central London, England, which is known to have been funded by the Maharaja of Vizianagaram, Pusapati Vijayarama Gajapathi Raju III in 1867.

Hyde Parc adopts the brand identity of the fountain as a tribute to the great king of yore.


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A monument of Beauty A memorial of Devotion

An extravagantly sculpted and awe inspiring prayer house in the likeness of ISKON TEMPLE is erected right at the prime location of the community space. The popular Lord Krishna Temple is a magnificent structure which is a blend of ethnicity and modernity. It is an icon of devotion for the followers of Lord Krishna and evokes spirituality among all the dwellers of HYDE PARC. It is an architectural landmark and a shrine of divinity.


The Dreamy Landscape

Keeping true to the spirit of Park Theme - the entire area of Hyde Parc has a mystical dreamy landscape that takes you to a reverie of bliss. It has the lush green foliage dotted with scores of sweet smelling flowers and bowers of bright creeper vines.


Playground The Joggers Delight

The Play Area of Hyde Parc is sufficiently large to accommodate

a team of playful children and also the adults at the same time. A beautifully maintained grassy playground is soulfully designed to attract outdoor activities. Distinctly earmarked areas are designated for children and toddlers for their safe play. The seating area among the lilies and the daisies is in fact quite inviting for the residents to just sit and talk their hearts out. Our VMRDA approved plots layout gives you and your children a peaceful environment.


Live The Excitement!

Enjoy the hub of all your recreational and fitness activities under one roof. Escape from your busy schedules and unwind at our clubhouse that has a plethora of options to relax, entertain and have a good time - any day, round the clock!


A Destination of Pride

Ensconced among the fast growing locale rich with leisure and tourism hot-spots, Hyde Parc is a perfect destination for your dream home.


A World Of Fun. A Touch Of Class.

An exceptional Lifestyle with inviting outdoor activities and the tempting indoor amenities. Entertainment at the snap of your fingers.




A Beauty of Great Finesse

Highlighting the uniqueness of the dwellings in Hyde Parc, a model villa is built for you to get the feel of finesse with which the project is envisaged. Coming onboard, you get to experience the beauty of the intricately designed subtleties that speak out, but only one thing - One life, Make it Grand!.


Ensconced among the fast growing locale rich with leisure and tourism hot-spots, Hyde Parc is a perfect destination for your dream home

About Vizianagaram

Vizianagaram, which literally means the city of victory, is a historic city in Andhra Pradesh with 500 Years of glorious past and rich cultural heritage. Abundantly scaped with temples and buddhist establishments it also features contemporary architectural marvels that are a delight to the soul. Due to its large number of educational institutions established in the 19th century, Vizianagaram was known as Vidanagara or the City of Knowledge.

Right at the heart of the city stands an octagonal Clock Tower (Gantasthambam), inspired by the Big Ben of London and built-in 1885; it rises to a height of 65 feet. Criss-crossed with heritage structures, virtually every nook and corner has an architectural spectacle with a curious mix of Dutch-Anglo Colonial and traditional Indian styles. The heritage city, located about 18 km inland from the Bay of Bengal, and 42kms from Visakhapatnam is also a centre for commerce and education. It is always awe-inspiring to watch the majestic, proud and undestroyed forts of the ancient past, the remnants of the land that was once inhabited by high-spirited rajahs, passionate poets and scholars. Hyde Parc VMRDA approved plots layout is located in this historical location.


That & Transforms Lifestyle

AR Ventures is a part of a larger conglomerate - A R Groups. Backed by a large business house, A R Ventures has no dearth of resources in creating lifestyle statements from brick and mortar! High Luxury dwelling places that exude opulence and magnanimity is the signature style of all the projects under A R Ventures. They capture the popular auent trends in the market and deliver absolutely top of the line features that stand apart from the ordinary. In-house architects, designers engineers and management professionals are all highly qualified and experienced in creating simply amazing structures that instantly becomes a landmark.


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